Foreplay: The ultimate passion game

It is said that all the good things in life take their time… And when it comes to sex, it is definitely necessary to let things happen at the exact rhythm to make it unforgettable! That is why, we totally love the foreplay… It is hot, it is funny and there’s no doubt that it’s the main turn on tool to take it to the next level. And that is exactly why we want it to be perfect, seductive, alluring and completely tempting…

And it is in the little details of the foreplay in which we find the most sexy elements, the things that sometimes we don’t consider so important, but are the ones that get us primed for action… The breath, the words, the sounds… Everything that we see, touch, hear and feel, everything that awake our senses and blow our mind…

The Foreplay is the perfect opportunity to relax, to laugh while playing with our couple, to get to know each other, what we like, what we enjoy, what we prefer no to repeat and to dare… Maybe we can imagine a role-play game during the foreplay that later we’ll make it true, or share our lustiest secrets… All our sex tools and weapons can be used during the foreplay because we still have the complete attention of our couple.

So, today, let’s try something new, let’s make our foreplay to last longer, let’s arouse and provoke and drive crazy to our couple, then we stop, and start all over again. The most important its to not forget that foreplay is a game, a sex game, so enjoy every second, don’t rush things or you’ll lose the passion and sensuality of the moment… Dare to be Tempted to Foreplay. And if you want to find the perfect atmosphere to start and unforgettable foreplay, well… There’s always Temptation Resort Spa in the hot and sexy beach atmosphere. What can make it better?.