If you’ve ever been to a beach resort, you know that floating around in the pool and lounging poolside all day are greatly enhanced by a frozen fruity drink. Am I right? Nothing else quite makes you feel like you’re on vacation like a fabulous cocktail.

The reality is, is that most all-inclusive resorts don’t provide drink menus due to the never ending list of drink options and their ingredients.  However, think about it… this is the perfect way to meet new people. If you don’t know what drinks to order, every time you see someone with a drink that looks good, ask what it is and try to figure what’s in it. Most people don’t even know what’s in their drink – they’re just happy to be drinking it.  Be aware that bartenders often change up their recipes based on what they have available, and not all drinks are made the same way, so you might get something slightly different every time.

If you want to be prepared before arriving to Temptation, check out my  list of guest favorites you should order at our all-inclusive, beach resort.  And just in case you’re NOT headed to Temptation, what are you waiting for? Book Now! (Hint, hint)

Cheers & Enjoy!

#1.  TEMPTATION (Signature Beverage)

(Vodka, Orange Juice, Grenadine, Blue Curacao)



(Strawberry & Mango Daiquiri)


#3.  WET PUSSY (Signature Beverage…secret recipe)



(Tequila, Sour Mix, Strawberry & Mango Concentrate, Touch of Tabasco)



(Daiquiri flavor of your choice & Melon)



  1. LT

    I stayed at the old cabo resort and I must stay I drank a wet pussy everyday! I miss that one!

    • angela

      Glad to hear that as it is definately a fan favorite here at Temptation! Thank you so much for your comment and we hope to see you here again real soon!

  2. Larry

    Going to Temptation Resort on the 24th with my wife!

    • angela

      Looking forward to seeing you guys Larry…be sure to try out some of these fabulous drinks! Let the countdown begin…

  3. Tami Sara

    Wish the drinks look this awesome at Temptation Resort Cancun. Been there many times, never have I seen drinks in these glasses or with the decorations.
    Drinks and food is better served with presentation

    • angela

      Good morning Tami, poolside it is not permitted that drinks be served in actual glasses due to safety regulations. So these same drinks are served in plastic cups, however you are correct about the presentation which is not always easy with high production. At Temptation we only use formal glassware in the specialty restaurants. But next time you are here tell your bartender you want a decorated version of these drinks and I am a 100% sure they will serve it up just the way you want it.

  4. Melanie

    Best bartenders ever! See you in May!

    • angela

      What is your favorite drink Melanie? And an even better question, who is your favorite bartender?

  5. angela

    Come on down! Our bartenders are ready and waiting!