We had a blast with the opening of Oktoberfest at Temptation!!

Our first Tempting Oktoberfest party has begun, and we started throwing the craziest party ever! All our staff was ready to make you enjoy and feel the essence of the biggest Germany’s celebration with the stunning weather that turns everything on!.

Our Sexy Pool was the perfect scenario to start this party that will be lasting the whole month, in which we’ll have tons of surprises and the never ending fun that you’ll only find at Temptation. Our staff was perfectly dressed up to begin this celebration, delivering beer to everyone, and it never end… And that’s thanks to our special sponsor at this party, Heineken.

the Temptation staff at Oktoberfest

Every thing went wild when we started with the traditional opening of the first beer barrel with all the Temptation Staff partying and sharing this unforgettable event with all the Tempters that were willing to party like never before!

The best Oktoberfest kick off party ever

There’s still a lot of things to do at this event that will last until October 25th, and you can still be part of it; you can’t miss our daily activities and of course, our night themes!. We got from a Celtic Party, to a Fräulen Lingerie Fashion Show and Casino… To know everything about the activities, click here. Go crazy and join us! You wont regret it. Book now, we will be glad to have you here.