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With Temptation Cancun Resort’s wide variety of signature, gourmet restaurants, representing over 15 kitchens from around the world, guests are invited to savor the different flavors this exquisite art has to offer…  creating a true culinary experience


For many, arriving to Temptation for their first all-inclusive experience, can be a bit intimidating not knowing what to expect.  All inclusive, generally means travelers are charged one price for their rooms, all food & drinks (including


If you’ve ever been to a beach resort, you know that floating around in the pool and lounging poolside all day are greatly enhanced by a frozen fruity drink. Am I right? Nothing else quite makes you

Tempting Arabian Nights

Discover our Arabian Nights Every Thursday night, we have prepared for you a full new Arabic food Menu in El Embarcadero Restaurant, where you also will be surprised by beautiful Belly Dancers along other great performances while

Sensual Cuisine Class

Let’s tempt your senses with our Sensual Cuisine Class Temptation Resort Spa Cancun has always a new “Sexyvity to offer and this time we want to invite you to try our “Sensual Cuisine Class”. Yes, this time

Temptation is Awarded Once More!

Yes, Temptation is awarded… And this time, it is not for being the most fun place for your vacation. Believe it or not! Many of our guests can agree that Temptation Resort Spa Cancun is not only the