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Sextimulation with Ice: hotter than anyone could imagine…

As the cold weather disappears and the heat begins, the sexual tension increases, while your kinkiest, tempting thoughts crosses your mind… What if you take this opportunity to make something extra special and totally

Feeling the pleasure together… The hot experience of a Temptation Sensual Massage

You are already here, together and totally ready to live the amazing Temptation experience! If you and your couple are looking for the best activity to spice up the chemistry and connection in your

Are you willing to try tuppersex?

There are few things more enjoyable and funny as sex, that is a whole truth, and when we decide to look for alternatives to make it even hotter, we find out that there are tons

Foreplay: The ultimate passion game

It is said that all the good things in life take their time… And when it comes to sex, it is definitely necessary to let things happen at the exact rhythm to make it

Do opposites really attract?

The attraction of the opposites is something that you’ve heard your whole life, in physics, in love, in astrology and when it comes to sex, it has been said too. And if you think