With Temptation Cancun Resort’s wide variety of signature, gourmet restaurants, representing over 15 kitchens from around the world, guests are invited to savor the different flavors this exquisite art has to offer…  creating a true culinary experience in every bite.

This month we invite you to discover SHE, offering an all-new conceptual dining experience at Temptation:

Embrace the game of seduction with your couple at Temptation’s signature, aphrodisiac restaurant, “SHE”.  Discover the sensual side to dining, as you indulge in a multiple course, delicately prepared menu, guaranteed to provoke irresistible sensations of pleasure, while experiencing a real taste of ecstasy from the moment you arrive.

“SHE” and its mind-blowing concept boasts a design that can be described as eclectic to extreme, combining cool sophistication with steamy sensuality.  Our Chefs invite you to enjoy this unforgettable, deliciously erotic, couples experience that is sure to delight your taste buds and ignite your senses.

Love is in the air at “SHE”…


    When wil open the hotel cancun? could you give de date ? tahnks

    • angela

      August 15th, 2017.