Easter Egg Hunt at Temptation!

Firstable, Happy Easter. Now, come to find as many Easter Eggs as you can, they will be hidden all around Temptation grounds.

While many people will stay home and celebrate this tradition the only way they know, here at Temptation, we have prepared a sexy twist to spot Easter Egss.

Let’s start our Easter Egg Hunt now with a trivia that will get you the chance to win a a 2-night stay totally free at Temptation for you and someone else. Go through the questions and remember to hunt for clues in our web page. Once you have all of them, send us an email with your answers to contest@originalresorts.com

And the questions are:

1. Where do we set up most of our contests and games for our day activities?
2. Name one of our night tempting events.
3. How much do you have to pay if you want to upgrade your stay to a jacuzzi room?
4. What would you enjoy the most in our drops of love experience?
5. What’s the name of our restaurant where you can you have Asian specialties when staying at our adults only resort?

Crack the code.

From our Wild Tequila Volleyball matches to the Perfect Couple contest and of course our Happy Easter Pool Party, you will have such a blast that finding Easter Eggs will be more fun than ever and who knows you might find the Easter Bunny. Now, we are talking Temptation!