Exchanging US Dollars in Mexico.

Now Temptation has new rules when it comes to exchanging your US Dollars.

According to the new regulations that have taken effect in Mexico since September 2010, front desk may exchange a maximum of $1500 USD in cash per person per month into Mexican pesos and you will be required to present an official identification such as your passport.

In general, the use of US dollars in cash for making purchases in Mexico is limited but it’s possible. However, to avoid any probems, we have the following recommendations:

-If possible, exchange a small amount of currency to Mexican pesos before your departure.
-Take enough pesos to cover your expenses on arrival (tips to baggage handlers, taxi, etc.)
-Pay with a credit card when possible.
-Take a credit card or debit card for ATM cash withdrawals.

So get ready for your vacation at Temptation where money will be the least thing on your head!