Feeling the pleasure together… The hot experience of a Temptation Sensual Massage

You are already here, together and totally ready to live the amazing Temptation experience! If you and your couple are looking for the best activity to spice up the chemistry and connection in your relationship; or maybe to experiment a whole new level of passion, kink and adventure. Then our Temptation Sensual Massage is the perfect tempting alternative for you…

It’s not only a massage, it is an opportunity to rekindle the passion, to get to know each other, to feel, see, experiment and try new things… having an unforgettable and delicious foreplay in the jacuzzi or enjoying the privacy and the seduction of our Spa ambiance after you experiment the new feelings that this mystic and newly discovered techniques that let you turned on and ready to have the most erotic time with your soul mate.



With incredible spaces created for relaxation, aphrodisiac scents all over the place, unique sensual features like warming sensual lotions, nice vibrators, and a whole sexy menu to choose just what you are looking for!…

Enjoy each and every moment of this great experience and  live this new Sensations when you see your partner’s body after being deliciously massaged, ready for you to adore it and stroke it.



This is just a little bit of everything you’ll find at Sensations Spa… Dare to open your mind to the deep and delectable pleasure, only at Temptation Resort Spa.