Kindness for Cancer Temptation 2nd Race!

Temptation Resort Spa Cancun was so ready for its 2nd athletic race. And this year, we all ran with a cause! Yes, the 5km or 10 km racea along the famous Kukulcan Boulevard on August 12th had the intention to show our respect and kindness to the people that have somewhat been affected by cancer. The Kindness for Cancer Race reunited 100 of people among our guests and staff that were happy to do their best as they enjoyed the amazing whether and conditions of the race! And don’t forget that for this event had teh presence of one of the greatest Mexican elite Athletes, Pablo Olmedo, who is the holder of one of the Mexican Records for 5000 mts. But don’t worry, we will be having more races and competitions, and no, you don’t need to be a professional runner; all you need is a beating heart! So don’t miss the chance to participate in our next event and in the mean time, take a look of the photos we took for our Kindness for Cancer Race!

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