Miss Temptation 2009 Grand Finale!

Finally! the event of the year, the event that everyone is talking about, the day everybody has been waiting for… Miss Temptation 2009 Final Contest! From January 17th to 24th 2010, our winners of each month, the hottest girls from around the world, will finally meet the judges to be chosen Miss Temptation 2009. At the end of the week, besides the honor of becoming Miss Tempatation of the year, the winner will be awarded $1,000 USD.

Every participant is already a winner therefore they will feel the royal treatment of our adults only resort every moment of their stay and have fun trying to keep their crown as Miss Temptation.

What are you waiting for? As part of the audience, you will not only meet our beauties, but also see their best moves as they show off their sexiest bikinis and shine while performing on stage to make us all melt down.

This time the party at Temptation Resort & Spa Cancun will be exhilarant. You really really really really (that´s 4 reallys!) want to be tempted and seduced by this unique event happening only once a year!

Take a look at what happens at Miss Temptation every week and book now, you don’t want to miss our Miss Temptation 2009 Grand Finale.

  1. Malinda

    I am trying to find out who won the MissTemptation finale

  2. Tia

    What no Mr.Temptation??!!!

    • Tia:

      Soon, the ladies also want to have the opportunity to choose their favorite and who doesn’t want to be Mr. Temptation? So we can tell you that we’re looking into it. Thank your for writing and stay tuned to see our invitation to vote for your favorite online.

  3. Fred

    Nice one! But you guys have to be more original than a beauty contest. I’m really hoping you can come up with more ideas. I don’t know but I was thinking… How about a mud contest once in a while.

  4. Reed

    Very awesome article! Truely.