Miss Temptation 2010… Finally here!

The most important event of the year is back! All 2010 Miss Temptation winners together in an unforgettable week competing for the title. The whole year long, we have chosen a winner making the biggest splash at our sexy pool every week. Then, we spend a month debating the merits of each contender and invite you to participate in the process, voting for your favorite online.

Everything to get to MISS TEMPTATION 2010, “The Final Temptation”. With an undeniably tempting factor, these women have come this far. It’s time to decree the Queen of Temptation.

Join us at our adults only resort to get to see them all in action. They will be busy trying to beat each other in our bikini fashion show and other sexy contests. This is the event everybody is talking about. This is our Miss Temptation 2010, and you don’t want to miss it.

  1. Bob Newman

    After they announced the winner, Echo, I was a little dissappointed….I had really thought that one of the other girls would have won. Also, I wasn’t really into the whole hula hoop around the resort for a week thing. A little weird for an adult themed, and topless resort.

    • Bob:

      Thank you for writing, it’s so great that you were here for the Grand Finale of Miss Temptation 2010. Have you checked out all of Echo’s pictures? Please do here. You might change your mind! Yes, the hula hoop thing was big that week, and it’s a shame you didn’t find it sexy, but we hope that you can remember those many moments in which you could enjoy our free of inhibitions atmosphere and have a blast. keep in touch, and why don’t you share pictures of your stay with us either here or on facebook?

  2. Thomas

    I agree with Bob, I was also at the event and very disappointed that Echo was the chosen winner. I commend the other girls for their tremendous talent on the pole, however, I don’t consider hula hooping a talent at all. I also think it was a bit odd that the MC for the final event told the performers not to do their regular hula hooping act, obviously because they didn’t want to take away from Echo’s performance, this seemed like Echo definetely got some preferential treatment. I have looked at the videos on youtube and the pictures on facebook and hope that they publish some more of the other girls, they are HOT! I continue to be unimpressed with the chosen winner.

    • Thank you for writing, Thomas, I hope you can enjoy the other videos we’re uploading. Be ready for the Miss Temptation 2010 Calendar you will have the chance to admire all the participants.

  3. Walter

    Although I was not at the event, I would also like to give my input on the youtube videos and pictures. I am not impressed with the girl that was chosen as the winner either. I am not impressed with hula hooping as a “talent,” anyone can do that and the youtube video proves my point….nothing special about that. Can’t wait until they publish videos of the other girls on the pole though! Also looks like from the pictures on the Miss Temptation site that there was one girl who should have won, but oh well. I love Temptations and will be back, but not for this event, I have no interest in seeing the “hula Hooper.”

    • Thanks, Walter, we’re already uploading more videos including all the participants. So don’t wait any longer to come back, Temptation is better than ever!

  4. Karmella

    Looks like they are revamping the website for Miss Temptation. The new site looks great, except of course, for the chosen winner, Echo. I think a lot of people agree that she was not the right choice. Oh well, I guess the contest has taken a turn, as I think there were many better choices. I have attended this event the last 2 years and after this year, I don’t think I will come back for the contest. I have seen enough hula hooping for a life time and do not need to see anymore, especially on vacation.

    • Thanks for your comments, karmella, we hope you change your mind, and you can pay s a visit next year. Remember that there will be nice surprises. Keep in touch! Do you have photos of your last vacation at Temptation? Why don’t you share some with us.