New Year’s Eve at Temptation!

Temptation Resort Spa Cancun celebrated New Year’s Eve with our amazing Temptation Safari where everybody in their most appealing animal print outfits, could enjoy the party at every corner of our adults only resort.

You could begin the night early at one of our restaurants to have an intimate, delicious dinner. The Embarcadero, totally decorated for the occasion, offered the most vast buffet and fun atmosphere of all.

The shows that our animation team prepared for the night at the pool got everyone dazzled by the variety and excellent performances that added to the ardent atmosphere of our Temptation Safari. Of course, we all remember the panther girl and the tiger boys that were so attuned with the party.

When our live band started playing the music on the roof, it made us all turn around our heads and begin to move to the sexy rhythms. The music continued with an excellent DJ who got everybody to keep on dancing.

Every moment was unforgettable. The shows ended around midnight and everybody with a glass of champagne and a bag of grapes to make their 12 wishes in their hands, had difficulty to think of anything else but to toast for the happy, amazing moments of the year. And when the fireworks started, it was just a perfect moment to cherish.

The countdown gave us the excitement of starting a new year while the sky held a magical, full moon.

The party continued until dawn, everyone enjoyed the dance floor, the warm waters, the soft sand. We can say then that Temptation Safari at our adults resort was a resounding success.

  1. Caro

    Great party!

    • Hi,
      We’re happy you had a good time. Keep in touch!

  2. Paul Slabs

    Last year, I was at Temptations for New Year’s Safari and I really doubted it could get any better this year, but it did. The party blew my mind. The show, the food were so great and I’m so coming back for next year.

    • Paul:
      Thanks for your comments, and you are so welcomed to come back next year or sooner. Check out our promotions here.

    • Thank you, for your comments, Paul, we are so looking forward to seeing you this coming New Year’s Eve, that will be also a blast!

  3. jonathan Evans

    Could you tell me what’s on for new years eve party 2016/217???
    Also anything good on at temptation in January as I don’t know which to choose??
    Kind regards