Do opposites really attract?

The attraction of the opposites is something that you’ve heard your whole life, in physics, in love, in astrology and when it comes to sex, it has been said too. And if you think about it for a second, it really sounds logical and super sexy the way the animal magnetism could start between two completely different people, like a really shy person with someone totally extrovert.


It is a hot fantasy to have an affair, or a ‘one night stand’ with someone totally different to you… And the sky is the limit… Whether it is a situation in which that strange lover will show you how to free yourself from inhibitions, or an inexperienced person that will learn everything you have to teach… Or maybe you have the chance to meet a very conservative lover to show all the fun…

The idea of living the opposite erotic experience is one of the most thrilling for everyone.


Although this may sound pretty hot, there are several studies from Institutions like the National Academy of Sciences, The University of Chicago Press and University of Iowa that takes this specific subject to understand the formula of the most successful relationships… And even though the opposites that end up together for that special magnetism is an image that seems amazing, the truth is that this idea is far away from reality. The truth is that people (at least in America) tend to look for a soul mate that is very much like them.


It is a natural process, based in the search for the most alike subject to perpetuate each breed. And in the case of the human being, with the circumstances each person lives, with the values and habits, it’s more common that each person finds a similar one to get together and eventually, make a family.


Whether this is true, or the easiest option; still there are people out there  that manage to be happy with the opposite person… So if you found the love of your life, that person that accepts you and makes you have the best time, who cares if he or she is totally opposite to you? You can always get a perfect getaway to enjoy every moment with that person, like here at Temptation Resort Spa, where you will have a place to be yourself and live your deepest fantasy.