Our Sweet Dreams Pool Party

After a full day of partying and enjoying the one of a kind atmosphere that you can only find at Temptation Resort Spa Cancun, the best way to end it is at our “SWEET DREAMS” Pool Party.

Every Friday, our resident DJ Karma and guest DJ’s from the hottest clubs in Cancun transform our famous, sexy pool in the wildest and sexiest Night Pool Party in town; our “Sweet Dreams” Pool Party at Temptation is a great place to mingle with new and old friends without leaving the property.

Whether you are inside the pool, dancing to the beats or enjoying some body shots at the bar.
More surprises are lined up for this party so keep your eyes and ears wide open!!!

  1. Ed Gibson

    My wife and I were at the resort in February. (We had a great time.) We went to the pool party and were looking forward to partying in the pool. Before we were ready a woman went into the pool and was told to get out within two minutes.
    My wife and I were very disappointed by this and left the party a few minutes later. If you have a “pool party,” the guests should be allowed in the pool.

    • Thank you, Ed: We’ll let the management of the hotel know about your comment to see if your suggestion can become a reality, since this is what we live for, to make your wishes come true.

  2. LatinosDeCorazon

    Is this event replacing martini white night??

    • Hi, LatinosDeCorazon, no, we will have our martini white night at the Paty’O and if you want to continue with the party, you can join us at the sexy pool.

  3. Thank you for sharing this info, we hope you can join us for our Sweet Dreams Party and other night themes. Don’t forget to share your experience with us here. Thanks.

  4. Thank you, Paul. We’ll be happy to see you soon!

  5. angela

    Good morning everyone, I invite you to click here to see the current activities info and calendar so that you can plan ahead https://blog.temptation-experience.com/tempting-activities-program/ the calendar is subject to change, however this is pretty much what you can expect. Also you can click here for dress codes and theme nights. https://temptationresorts.com/cancun/nightly-entertainment-2016/