You have surfed the web, chosen Temptation (excellent choice by the way), and made your reservation. Congratulations you are going on an adults-only vacation!  Getting ready for your getaway is a fun time, but sometimes in all the excitement it can be easy to overlook important items when packing. That is why we at Temptation have put together this helpful checklist.

#1 Sunscreen

Temptation, our all-inclusive resort, is nestled on the beach, so you’ll want to bring along at least one bottle of sunscreen to have with you at all times. If you’re a beach-lover you may even want to consider packing several kinds — including special creams for your face, body and hands, and at least one brand that is waterproof. Remember, you can always take home any that you don’t use on your trip.

#2 Beach Bag

You’ll likely spend plenty of time on the beach or lounging poolside, so don’t forget your beach bag, sunglasses, a hat and flip-flops. Bring several swimsuits because it may take more than a day for one to dry in Mexico’s humid beach climate. Pack a cover-up, and don’t forget a good beach read. Temptation supplies beach towels so there is no need to pack your own!

#3 An Insulated Mug

If you plan to drink on the beach or poolside during your all-inclusive stay, you may find yourself seriously annoyed with the cups. An insulated mug takes care of this problem by serving as a refillable container that not only keeps your beverages cold, but keeps them protected from the elements as well. Buying a large insulated mug can also mean fewer trips to the bar and more time to relax.

#4 A Waterproof Pouch

If you plan to float in the ocean for extended periods of time, it might be a good idea to invest in a waterproof pouch or fanny pack. These relatively inexpensive items can be purchased online, and can keep your room key, cash and small valuables safe while you enjoy the water. Without one, you might end up sitting up on the beach wishing you had someone to watch your stuff.

#5 Clothing

Mexico’s tropical climate calls for sundresses and sandals, shorts and other lightweight clothing. However, it is important to check the dress codes for our different restaurants & theme nights in order to pack accordingly without over packing.  https://temptationresorts.com/cancun/restaurants-bars/ and  https://temptationresorts.com/cancun/nightly-entertainment-2016/

#6 First-aid Kit with Basic Medications

Our yummy drinks and lavish buffets might be delicious, but they can also do a number on your digestive system if you’re not used to eating non-stop 24/7. That’s why it’s a great idea to bring some of the basics with you, such as anti-diarrheal medicine, aspirin or Tylenol, and Tums, in addition to a small first-aid kit. You never know when something will go wrong, and it is always best to be prepared.

All-inclusive vacations are the epitome of relaxing, worry-free travel and in the case of Temptation, guaranteed non-stop fun in the sun!  So get packing my friends…we look forward to seeing you soon here at Temptation, the #1 adults-only resort in Cancun.  Let the countdown begin…

  1. I had wallet stolen last October from Priemer Bar by pool. Security was really professional in reviewing cameras and finding person that took it. Remember to only bring enough cash for day only.

    • angela

      Sorry to hear that Brian, but that’s fabulous security was successful in helping you to get it back! And great tip by the way…only carry with you the amount you think you may need for tipping, those water-proof bags are an excellent option to carry valuables with you at all times. Everything else of value should be locked in your room’s safety deposit box. Hope to see you soon Brian!

  2. Terry Berrier

    You left out sun cream for you lips, learned the hard way to always use it. Plus bring a small can of Lysol It you’re not use to a humid climate it may help. And never be shy it is the most friendly place you will ever go , just talk to people

    • angela

      Another fabulous tip…love to hear from you guys! Sun cream or Chapstick will keep your lips from cracking, as many people have never experienced sun burnt lips. And unfortunately all beach destinations have humidity issues and smells, not really a true solution for that but a touch of Lysol wouldn’t hurt. And we are glad to hear Terry that you find Temptation to be a social hotspot with friendly people as that is what we strive for! We hope to see you again real soon Terry!