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So that all guests may fully enjoy their Temptation Cancun Resort experience, we have developed a series of Playground Rules that everyone will benefit from. We feel it is important that our guests are well informed as to what to expect before their arrival, so here is a sneak-peak at our recommendations for fair play.

1. Please dress appropriately in all of Temptation’s dining facilities. Don’t be alarmed, not all of our restaurants have fancy dress codes. However, during the packing process sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry. Check out this webpage for a complete list of our restaurants and bars and the corresponding dress codes:

2. Due to the nature of our Resort, please treat all guests with utmost respect, and remember the Golden Rule: “NO” means “NO”.

3. Avoid taking photos or videos in public areas that could potentially expose other guests. This is to protect the privacy of each of our guests. After all we are all here to have fun, but what happens at Temptation stays at Temptation.

4. Please refrain from sexual activity in public areas. There is a place and time for everything, so we ask that you respect the other guests by taking any type of sexual activity to your room.

5. Always use the safety deposit box in your room! It is FREE so please use it. The Resort is not responsible for lost items not deposited in your room’s safety deposit box.

6. We are proud to provide you with a safe, open-minded environment in which you may fully enjoy your Temptation vacation. However, it is a firm company policy that all staff members are strictly forbidden from interacting intimately or drinking with guests; Doing so will result in their immediate dismissal.

7. We have created an open-minded ambiance at Temptation, but drug use is strictly prohibited.
Now that we have set some ground rules for your upcoming Temptation Cancun Resort experience, the only thing that is missing is you! What are you waiting for? LET’S PLAY