Just because you asked for it!… Temptation Resort Spa Cancun is having now our real bubbling Foam Party on Thursday. And if you liked it so much at the Paty’O as part of our Bacchanal Party on Fridays, you are just going to love it now at the Temptastic Pool, that’s right after our tantalizing shows, we will invite are inviting you now to stay and jumped into the Foam House, that will be filled with the most fun bubbles in no time. Not only that this time, you will be next to the pool so that you can jump and go crazy in the foam, and when you think it’s enough, you can jump into the pool for more fun so that you can have a real blast until the wee hours. Don´t forget to wear your passionate red outfit, cause we’ll have you covered in sexy and wet bubbles at Temptation style!

Yes, this is our ultimate Foam Party and it can only happen at your favorite adults only resort in Cancun. And if you prefer so you can also join us at the Paty’O Lounge  and enjoy our DJ live music, and taste the best cocktails from our top bartenders… Your only obligation will be just letting go of inhibitions and surrender to the great atmospheres that Temptation is all about!

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