Sextimulation with Ice: hotter than anyone could imagine…

As the cold weather disappears and the heat begins, the sexual tension increases, while your kinkiest, tempting thoughts crosses your mind… What if you take this opportunity to make something extra special and totally alluring with a new element that may bring the extra sexy feeling that make this encounter definitely unforgettable.

We are talking about sextimulation with ice... Something so sexy that easily could turn into a detonator that would cause the biggest pleasure you can’t even imagine. Just think about it, the ice cube passing gently over your lips and then your cold lips on your lover’s skin, from the neck to the lower back… Frosting kisses that heat the moment. Or you could try making a hot n’ cold exploration with an ice cube through your couple’s body… Try to tease the situation or try new body parts you usually don’t pay too much attention…


As the ice is anything but water, it is completely safe to make it part of your dirtiest games, just imagine how you can use it and all the sensations that causes the hot of the moment with the cold of the ice… The sky is the limit, specially when you are stimulating your couple.



You can try sextimulation with ice at home, if you wish so… But you can also try this idea on your next vacation, and the perfect place to do it is at Temptation Resort Spa, the place to make this and many other fantasies totally true. This is the ultimate adult experience.

So come over and Just be creative!