Sexy Sweethearts at Temptation!

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This year, let’s have the most fun Valentine’s celebration. At Temptation Resort Spa Cancun, we have prepared a special program to offer you from February 12th to 14th, days and nights of great fun and sensuality!

Come with your partner or find the love you are looking for at our adults only resort, the choice is yours!

Is there a potential partner for you at Temptation? Find out with us in our contest “The Perfect Match”. Another sensual event that, if it doesn’t help you find love, it at least gives you lost of fun, is our “kissing contest” where you will show all your skills before a very knowledgeable audience. “Temptation dazzling” is a sexy activity, you will want to see for yourself.

And now you can get a two night stay totally free for you and your partner. Please write an email to, telling us what you expect our Dazzling Temptation activity to be like.

The winner will be whoever has the closest answer to what Dazzling Temptation is actually all about. What are you waiting for? Spend the most romantic, sensual days of your life at Temptation Resort Spa Cancun, the best way to say to somebody “Be my Valentine”

Thus, you can be sure you don’t want to miss our games and contests like the “Iron Couple” where all your strength and sensuality will be exposed. Again you will have the chance to show the knowledge you have of the opposite sex in our “Picking line contest” We also recommend you our “Cardio Splash, Best Sex” that is better enjoyed with your partner, offering you the benefits of health, love and seduction.

At night, Temptation Resort Spa Cancun, we will continue with the fun. Our “Monday, a sexy night” will let you enjoy your sensuality to the fullest while our “Beach Lounge Party” will give a romantic touch to your evening. And if you feel like singing a song to your love, you’ll have the chance to do it at our “Karaoke Night”.

We invite you to discover these and other sensual surprises, only possible at Temptation Resort Spa Cancun, for the most unforgettable Valentine’s Celebration ever.

  1. Cathy Benoit

    i am planning a Valentines Day wedding…..would love to enjoy Cancun!!!!

  2. Nora Jackson

    A verry nice get away full of excitement and a chance for me and my love to get to have us time along with having fun

  3. Ryan Marien

    I think it will be all about getting to know great people from all over the world… could be staff or other travelers!
    Sexy games will be played with everyone at the resort during the day and evenings leading to come pretty exciting night time events!
    I would love to think that your Temptation event is going to be something to involve alot of physical contact with people of the opposite sex… be it touching, massaging, tasting.

  4. Jen and I are getting married. It would seem normal and that statement doesn’t denote anything out of the ordinary. It’s everything before that which really counts. The relationship between Jen and I goes back just over 22 years. I was her Prom date. We even dated for a brief time. I was in a state of unrequitted love until our group of friends finally disbanded and we got on with our lives. I got married and settled down in my hometown. Jen went to Chicago and eventually landed in North Carolina. Just over a year ago we reconnected on facebook. Simply as friends we chatted, exchanged emails and maybe even flirted a little bit. Yet, we were just friends. Admittedly, I’d never forgotten about her…she always stuck in the back of my mind.

    Last summer I had an opportunity to go to Cancun. Jen wasn’t dating anyone..I wasn’t dating anyone so I asked her to go. I knew that regardless of what happened that we would at least have a good time. I wanted to go with someone fun and I knew that was one thing that probably had not changed about her.

    At first I don’t think she thought it serious and a month or so later I asked her again if she were still interested. She said yes. As the trip drew closer I learned that I was going to Temptation, an adult resort. I checked in with Jen, she was perfectly fine. I got her plane ticket, double checked the reservations, made sure she could get into the room since she was arriving before me and we were set.

    We went in to this trip with no expectations…again, we were and would always be friends regardless.

    On Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 I arrived at Temptation, checked in and the bell hop took me to my room. As he opened the door I stepped in and she appeared. That moment was the first time in 22 years we’d seen each other…and she looked fantastic.

    The rest of the week was amazing. In fact, we both have recognized it as the BEST VACATION EVER!! As the week continued, and within a couple of days we realized we had a pretty amazing story developing. As we met other couples and new friends around the pool we were usually asked where we were from and that was usually the launching point. She was from North Carolina, I was from Kentucky and we’d flown in seperately…and this was the first time we’d seen each other in 20 years. The responses were amazing.

    Looking back it all seems very automatic, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the trip to Temptation. And we truly love that place.

    In December I asked Jen to marry me…and again…she said yes. Now we’re planning a beach wedding for October on the coast of North Carolina and a Honeymoon back where it all started.

    On Valentine’s Day, whether we’re in Paradise or back here in the cold…we’ll be celebrating how lucky we are and how stunning and remarkable our story is.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!


    • Hi, David:
      Your story is really amazing, and thank you for sharing it with us. We hope we can see you soon back here at Temptation Resort Spa Cancun, the place where you can make everything happen, even love!