What is your sign? These are the best sex games tips for each one

When you think about the astral esoteric themes, sometimes it is used to be associated with sex, right? And of course is pretty kinky and fun to look for new options to try under the sheets… Bring new things and innovate in the sex matters is very helpful to rekindle the passion between you and your couple, that is why we will give you some tips to make the best move in sex with every sign! Check them out…





If you want to seduce your Aries couple, you have to try spontaneous and unrestricted things, something exciting and powerful… Try to put some delicious and sweet ingredients on his body to make it extra hot!.



Something wet and slippery… try the sex in the shower, a jacuzzi, or even better, in a pool!!! Will it be enticing or what?



As this is a very analytic sign, the best turn on are the words… speak dirty and clear, make some role playing and wear a sexy costume to try your own erotic story!



This sign is pretty hardcore… The cancer enjoys with bondage, slave scenarios and domination games… Try with an element of this and bring the passion and craziness to your sex life…



Here it is all about fantasies! Wether you decide to make a hot striptease, possessive games or recreate the most forbidden fantasy of your couple… It will be an unforgettable session.



The sex for Virgo is something natural and healthy, so make something like a tension-releasing massage, something that bring both of you relax and well being…



Create the kinkiest story, put on your sexiest costume and make a whole role playing evening… You’ll enjoy the best sex ever with a Libra if you use this strategy.



The key with Scorpio is breaking taboos and making everything to left the boundaries behind… Focus on full-body pleasure.



This is one of the most elementary signs, so try to keep it simple, don’t do anything intricate or time-consuming or you will turn off the passion….



This is a pretty private sign, so don’t make something to showy… Be a little discrete still naughty with lubs and sex toys and turn him on sharing secret fantasies to play in the intimacy.



“Take it or Leave it” Here is all about mind domination, learn to deal with that and use it in your favour… Also try cyber sex or phone sex and when he arrives home, you’ll enjoy the best time ever!.



You should be pretty imaginative, because pisces is chameleonic and it doesn’t fit in only one style… So be creative and surprise him every time!


We highly recommend you to try this tips and then tell if you were successful or not… Plus, if you look for a place to accomplish what you are willing to do, there’s always Temptation Resort Spa… The place where we can help you to make true  this fantasies!