Spa Sensations at Temptation Resort Cancun.

In your next visit to Temptation Resort Cancun, don’t forget to dedicate one day to let us pamper you in our fantastic spa. As all the excellent facilities of our adult resort, Spa Sensations is designed to offer you comfortable spaces where sensuality reigns.

In the shades of pasion, chocolate and red, Spa Sensations features furnishings in silk and marble, that contribute to create the soothing atmosphere that you can enjoy in each corner of it. Spend the most unforgettable moments either in its relaxation lounge, jacuzzis, steam rooms, sauna, massage cabins, locker and shower areas. You can be sure, that every spot is ideal for your purpose.

No matter what your needs are, Spa Sensations offer you a variety of cleansing, exfoliating and reafirming treatments that, range from our sea sunburn therapy to delicious facials, body wraps, hot stone massages, ancient Mayan methods and many more that will surely exceed your expectations.

Enjoy our ingredients as natural as seaweeds, sea minerals, eucalyptus, mint, rosemary among other aromatic herbs to leave your skin purified, rejuvenated and moisturized. Ask about our chocolate and vulcanic mud treatments that ensure you pleasure beyond imagination.

If you wish for a more integral care, the special packages of our Spa Sensations will treat every inch of your body giving you a facial, a body treatment and a relaxing massage. Our couples special will not only let you experience complete wellness but also sensual moments to share with your partner that will stay with you for a long time.

  1. Cancun

    Certainly this is a very attractive offer of all inclusive resorts in Cancun. Thank you.

  2. Christina

    In my last visit to Temptation Resort Spa Cancun, I really wanted to experience it all, and once I heard about the chocolate package in the spa, I got a huge craving for these indulging treatments. However, in my wildest dreams I could never imagine how deliciously soothing it could be.
    As soon as I walked into the spa of Temptation, I realized I was in for a unique experience. The décor of the place reminded of a palace where Asian and European accents blended perfectly to offer the most pleasant space. The way the receptionist helped me with my doubts left me relaxed and ready to simply let go of any hesitations.
    There I was, changing into a fancy robe and walking to the cabin where my chocolate exfoliating treatment awaited. Mirna, my masseuse, was so kind to explain everything with patience and even enthusiasm that I got totally excited about the whole thing. Then, she started rubbing chocolate salts all over my body and the sweet scent got me so relaxed that I just enjoyed every second of it.
    Then, I had to wash it off in the most refreshing shower that I didn’t want to end ever. And Mirna invited me to try the sauna. It sounded so good that I went for it. I was lying there with no worries in my mind and I couldn’t help loving my skin, it felt so soft, clean and why not? I could say: Simply delicious.
    Mirna seemed to read my mind and when I though I had been there long enough, she met me at the sauna and took me back to the cabin where my second chocolate treatment was going to happen. Oh, I can’t seriously describe what I thought when I felt the soft touch of warm chocolate mud on my skin. All I can say is that it took over all of my senses, wrapping me in the softest embrace. Mirna covered me with hot towels and I’m sure I fell asleep and had the most soothing dream.
    After I woke up, Mirna helped to get to the shower and this time taking a shower became the most exciting moment ever since I began to discover the exquisiteness of my skin.
    Then, Mirna gave me a massage with chocolate oil. Oh, it was simply the final touch of the most relaxing spa day. And I can’t wait to do it again, because I realized that if chocolate is the flavor of passion, it is also the touch of perfection.
    Thank you, Temptation, I’m coming back!