“Temptastic” Foam Dance Party

The Ultimate “Temptastic” Foam Dance Party

A foam party has always been a synonym with “College Spring Break” for years, but not at Temptation Resort Spa Cancun. Now, you don’t have to wait for a special season, because we have The Ultimate “Temptastic” Foam Dance Party  ready for you every Thursday all year long.

Yes, just because you asked for it!… Temptation Resort Spa Cancun is having now our real bubbling Foam Party on Thursday. And if you liked it so much at night as part of our entertainment on Saturdays, you are just going to love it now at the Temptastic Pool, that’s right after our tantalizing activities in the sexy pool, we are inviting you now to stay and jump into the Foam Pool, that will be filled with the most fun bubbles in no time. Not only that this time,  go crazy in the foam, and when you think it’s enough, you can get to the beach for more fun so that you can have a real blast until you want to. Don´t forget to wear you sexiest bikini or be topless, because we’ll have you covered in sexy and wet bubbles at Temptation style!

There are many ways you can enjoy our Foam Party

Yes, this is our ultimate Foam Party and it can only happen at your favorite adults only resort in Cancun. And if you prefer so you can also join us at the pool beds and watch all the action while you enjoy our DJ live music, and taste the best cocktails from our top bartenders… Your only obligation will be just letting go of inhibitions and surrender to the great atmospheres that Temptation is all about!
With a great DJ’s line up along with fun and sensual activities for you, this is one of the hottest parties in all Cancun. So if you are ready for the time of your life, it’s a must in your vacation schedule!

Experience our Foam Party yourself

Temptation Resort & Spa Cancun is always innovating in order to satisfy all our guests and now this Temptastic  Foam Party reloaded and creates the sexiest and most daring atmosphere during the day at our sports pool. Everything will be setting your mood to enjoy this wet adventure with us!
Is it anywhere else where you can have all this fun and wild party in Cancun? We don’t think so!  Everybody who has been able to live this Foam Party says it’s awesome and they can’t wait to come back to Temptation! But don’t just listen to what everybody is saying, instead, come and live it in your own skin and have and amazing adults only fun with us!

This will be the perfect opportunity for you and your love one to get wild and party with other new or old friends while you dance and enjoy of sensual bubbles on your skin!

So,now you know, we will be waiting for you, the appointment is every Thursday at our Temptastic pool, come and dare to live this amazing experience at your adults only resort in Cancun!




If you want to see more pics of our Temptastic Foam Party, click HERE!

  1. laddy

    what if i am not a guest of temptation resort, are non-guest allowed in the foam party? if so, how much?

    • angela

      Good morning! Non-guests are allowed to enjoy our Temptastic Foam Party if they purchase a day pass here at the resort. If you send a mail to guestservice@temptationresorts.com they will get back to you with the different day pass options that we offer here at Temptation. Let me know if I can be of additional help.

  2. Charlene

    Looking for a place to celebrate my 40th birthday in october..a party place with a great night life