Temptation is Awarded Once More!

Yes, Temptation is awarded…

And this time, it is not for being the most fun place for your vacation. Believe it or not! Many of our guests can agree that Temptation Resort Spa Cancun is not only the most fun topless optional hotel you have been to, but also a social responsible company that is always committed to offering you the highest standards in services and products so that you can feel safe and well taken care of while enjoying your adults only vacation like nowhere else.

Temptation is Awarded Once More with the Distinctive H.

And now, dear guests, we are very proud to inform you that on June 10th, 2013 Temptation Resort Spa Cancun, our adults only hotel was awarded with the  Distintivo H (Distinctive H), one more time. Making a record of obtaining it for 6 years in a raw.

For its high standard in food service, Temptation is awarded!

This award is given by the Ministry of Tourism to all the restaurants and bars for compliance with the highest standards of food service practice in the tourism industry. It is in fact a distinguished recognition to food service providers in Mexico who demonstrate exceptional quality and safety in food preparation, handling, and services. And we are very satisfied to tell you that all of our restaurants and bars such as: El Embarcadero, Il Piacere, Bella Vista, Paty’O, the Village Wok, without forgetting Diego’s Bar, L’Alternative Sport and our Bikini Bar have all kept their Distinctive H once more. Here is our Food & Beverage Team holding their awards with pride: Temptation is awarded with the Distinctive H and all of us  at Temptation feel our efforts have paid off!

  1. Rene Labuschagne

    Congratulations!!!! We have always thought the food was awesome, can’t wait till we get back in December, miss you all, xxx

  2. Juiclious Foreal

    Well done! I have always enjoyed the food and the chance to keep eating in a healthy manner while on vacation.

  3. Kath & Brian

    A well deserved award for an exceptional team. Congratulations !

    It’s a pleasure to have met so many of you and we look forward to our future visits to Temptations with opportunities to see you again. See you soon my friends.

  4. Rodney Tambing

    Congratulations…you have earned it. One of the many reasons we keep coming back (5 times) is the staff. They are incredible. I have never met a staff member at temptations that was not GREAT at their job. Cant wait to see them again next month!

  5. Sandi MacDonald

    Temptation is simply the BEST vacation destination in Mexico! Looking forward to all you offer again this October. Counting the days …

  6. Marcia & Denis Bachand

    Outstanding!!! and so deserved!!! Temptation works so deligently to provide delicious and beautiful food to their quests..You never cease to amaze us with your culinary delights!!! Can’t wait until we spend the month with you in September!

  7. Thank you all for your words! We are happy at Temptation! And we just want to see you back soon!

  8. grece el haddad

    i liked a lot this resort, an all cancun. it is my first trip to mexico.i liked all the services in the 5 restaurants. the good services an the smile in the face of each waiter, waitress an bar tender, the staff in the lobby. the pool, the party every night. the beach an the sun woowwowowwowwo. i will return for sure to that hotel an about the foods, no comment super excellent. the services in the room super excellent, everything is clean an good an well organised. i will suggest all my friends here in montreal to go to temptations resort an spa. u r the best. i will be back. like u all 🙂

    • Thank you, Grece, we are glad you like Temptation and we hope you come back soon! Let us know please!