Temptation New Cocktail!

Temptation Resort Spa is inviting you now to enjoy sunny and warm Cancun the best way, coming up with a new cocktail that will carry the taste of temptation.

Now, we will be enjoying refreshing, crazy drinks, mixing the ultimate, aphrodisiac ingredients like chocolate, mint, sweet liquors, fresh fruit and so many more. It’s just up to you. Come ready to make the wildest creations and become the winner that will take home juicy prizes such as cash and open bars in the most famous discos of Cancun. And why not? Help us mix your favorite passion-evoking drink and don’t be surprised if you find it later on at our bars for the delight of every one at our adults only resort.

And here you can let us know what you would include to make your Temptation New Cocktail. Don’t be shy, we want to hear about your craziest ideas.