Tempting Super Bowl

Tempting Super Bowl Super Bowl

Tempting Super Bowl Weekend

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Yes, the Super Bowl is coming to Temptation! The most viewed event of all times is almost here and we want to keep the tradition alive. Come to Temptation Resort Spa Cancun and celebrate with us in an exhilarating weekend of adults only fun. Even before the Super Bowl starts, let our adrenaline charged activities blow your mind away and take part in our flirty contests at our sexy pool. Remember that you can win amazing prizes including a stay at our topless optional hotel totally on us.

Temptation will turn for the Wilder

Once the game begins, nothing will beat the tantalizing atmosphere of Temptation, the best place to cheer your favorite team and feel like a champion while you socialize with old and new friends. You can be sure that the Super Bowl can never be this tempting anywhere else!

Picture yourself enjoying the Sexy pool, we are sure that you will even forget about the Super Bowl for a while, but if you don’t, don’t worry you will live it minute a minute with your friends Temptation and it will be a blast.

Temptation’s cast members will lead the charge each day with fun, sexy and adventurous activities that range from water, beach sports and pool games to tempting contests that will warm even the iciest participants. In our topless optional ambiance, guests can choose whether to engage in the excitement or just stay away from the crowds and enjoy romantic moments in the jacuzzi of the quiet pool. With adults only oriented shows and games, our professional nightly entertainment will dare you not to be tempted. Either with your partner or with friends, Temptation Resort Spa Cancun will provide you with infinite options to enjoy your, soon to be, most fun vacation ever.

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Info & Reservations:

Toll Free USA: 1 888 201 755

Toll Free Canada: 1 800 655 9311

52 (998) 848 79 31

52 (998) 872 82 93

Check our Tempting Super Bowl Schedule!

Saturday 1st:  Sports trivia + Flag football + Martini lounge party + Beer drinking contest + Super Bowl + PreGame Pool Party.

Sunday 2nd: Quarterback contest + Sexiest football outfits + NFL trivia + The Craziest cheers.

The program only applies for this special event.  We have a regular program with Tempting daily activities as well as Nightly Entertainment the whole year, only found at Temptation!