What you didn’t know about Temptation…

In honor of Cancun’s 40th Anniversary, we’d like to share some information from the secret vault, so lie back and enjoy.
• Did you know that back in the year 1967 the area of Cancun was nothing but a deserted paradise, made up of mangroves and virgen beaches.
• This paradise on earth was found after and extensive land search to begin Mexico’s tourism development. With a $27 million dollar investment.
• The first Cancun hotel—now Temptation Resort—was built on Playa Blanca, which was the first name we had due to our location.
• Before our adults only hotel has been called several
Playa Blanca, Blue Bay Village y Blue Bay Getaway
• Always being owned by the same Family
• 2 of the original staff members remain working. Yes and they work!
• During Wilma Hurricane in 2005 we were the only hotel that never closed

And the characteristic friendliness of the staff of Temptation is what keeps “friends” coming back year after year to enjoy the variety of activities and quality services that this superb adults only resort is known for.


  1. skip

    No wonder Temptation Resort is so wonderful. It was the first resort in Cancun, and still the best.

    • Thank you for your words, Skip. We hope to see you soon. Have you already sent us your pictures?

  2. ron ans sin

    the best vacation ever!!!!!!!!!! we will be back soon

    • hey ron and sin!

      Thanks a lot!! We love your comment! Do you have any pics to share with us?