Today with feelings of nostalgia, we say goodbye and say thank you, to Playa Blanca, to Blue Bay Getaway… and to TEMPTATION, while at the same time we welcome you to the “NEW” Temptation!

More than three decades have come and gone, with an innumerable number of changes, memories, makeovers, etc. Maybe some of you don´t know this, but Temptation was the first hotel to operate in Cancun over 40 years ago… The same area that is currently the heart of our resort, that everyone loves, Patty´O, and the entire central section, have witnessed years of fun & friendships and amazing talent, but most importantly, years of loyalty from all of you, our friends, that the normal world simply calls Guests.

Several years of extensive studies and endless meetings, forced us to make our final decision, a decision that our President, Engr. Rodrigo de la Peña, and the entire de la Peña family made public a few months back.  Seeing that we mark tendencies and unique concepts not only in Mexico but worldwide, today with feelings of nostalgia, we say goodbye and say thank you, to Playa Blanca, to Blue Bay Getaway… and to TEMPTATION! We would like to say thanks to all have been part of our successful story, and today, as a way to show our thanks, we have created the NEW Temptation Cancun!

This new chapter that is already underway, will be full of those special activities that have become classics, our team will always be there with a smile, a joke, and a sincere welcome, which are the principle reasons why our guests come back time and time again, year after year, only this time, we will give you that, and so much more, we will give you a modern hotel, even more fun and the best team, Team Temptation!

Thank you for your loyalty, we can promise that the wait will be well worth it! We will keep you well-informed and up-to-date from all angles throughout the process so that you can live the emotion side-by-side with us.  We are confident that we will continue to host the best Guests in the world (You), the ones who want to enjoy the best hotel in Cancun, and that together, we will continue living unique and original experiences.

Don´t forget that through our social media channels you can keep up-to-date on the advances, give us your opinion of what you expect from the New Temptation, and much, much more!


  1. Mary C Reid

    , so tell me what’s new and interesting about the new temptation

  2. Marl jaeger

    The one thing this resort has always done is change this that and other things to always make it better…not every thing has worked out but you’ve never stopped trying something new for ure guests….we have been coming for 14yrs with our little laid back group…”the dirty dozen”…even tho the price hike is a bit much it’s still resonable. ..don’t let the vibe change and all will be good…will be arriving Sept 7tb..I look forward to sitting down with the great Aisha and buying into our fourth contact

  3. I have traveled the world…..Temptations is one of my favorite getaways. Always a fun time!

  4. Ibanoba Valerio

    I’m so excited. I just went for the last time last month for my birthday and as usual, we had a great time. I’ve visit your hotel since it was Blue Bay Getaway and we love it. We have bin there 15 times. We can’t wait to go back and visit the new Temptation. We will like to know if your old customers/repeaters are going to receive a discount or a free night when you re-open the new Temptation?
    Please let us know,
    Ibanoba Valerio

  5. Gale Aquino

    We have been coming to blue bay/temptations for over 20 years, got married there in 2000, was in hurricane Wilma in 05. the staff is our second family and hope they are all back in 2017. We are sad because this is the first year we won’t be spending our anniversary there. We will see you in 2017 good luck and many blessings to all.
    Gale and Willie Aquino

  6. Kevin Jones

    Free wifi!!!! That would be a great start.

    • angela

      There will be free wi-fi on the new property. 🙂

  7. kevin obrien

    have been going to this hotel for 20 years. I enjoyed my visits. I hope that in your plans you have made room for the silver store. When I went there I had a room on the quiet pool side. ! am 69 years old and the main pool was not for me. I hope that this quiet area will still be there.

    • angela

      Yes, Kevin, the quiet pool and quiet section will still exist. As for the silver store, I am not sure if it is in the plan but as soon as we have those details we will keep you posted.

  8. George and Sandy Giese

    Looking forward to the new Temptations Resort. Always fun and exciting!

  9. Steve and gail brown

    Can’t wait to find out if the new hotel is going be the same bargain it always has been. Also if all of your wonderful staff will retain their employment.

    • angela

      It will not be the same bargain as it was as the installations are totally new and offer so many more areas,restaurants, bars, activities, etc. However we have retained many of our guests favorite staff as the concept of Temptation will be the same but only better. We look forward to seeing you this 2017.

  10. We are premier since a long Time in Temptation and We loved every time spend fantastic holidays in february.and We should like Come back in2018 with french friends next year .
    Congratulations for the New Temptation.
    Happy and best for new year to all Norma Damian Aisha


    • Ibanoba Valerio

      When will it re-open?

      • angela

        We re-open August 2017.

    • angela

      Happy New Year to you to Max, and we certainly look forward to seeing you in 2018, you are going to love the New Temptation!