Topless Tanning: Something Everyone Should Try!

Why not try something new on your next beach vacation…Go TOPLESS! Feel the freedom at Temptation, our adults-only resort. It is such a liberating, fun experience. You won’t have to worry about poorly fitting bathing suit tops and funny tan lines. Plus, it is a great way to boost your self-esteem. When a woman sees others topless sunbathing, they quickly realize that Hugh Hefner’s Playboy idea of what constitutes “perfect breasts” is just a school boy fantasy created by plastic surgeons. Ladies, nobody is perfect!

 Going topless for the first time is like taking a Band-Aid off from a healed wound. Once removed, you’ll be displaying a much paler part of your body. Once you become accustomed to the breeze on your skin and you realize how nice it is to have liberated yourself from a wet bikini top you will never go back. It has been proven that topless sunbathers agree that it made them feel more comfortable with their bodies, not less. They are united in feeling that it demystifies boobs, too. You will simply get used to them as part of your natural body.

Recent research by Expedia shows that 74% of Spanish women sunbathe topless. Meanwhile, other nationalities are far less comfortable getting their chests out. 13 per cent of American women said they’d go topless, which was still more than the Brits at a mere 12 per cent.

So what are you waiting for ladies…Temptation is the perfect vacation destination to try it out, and also, more seriously, it is your chance to rebel against the sexualized taboo that surrounds boobs in today’s society. And of course, everyone knows that a great tan looks good, feels good, and can add to personal confidence and attractiveness.