Are you willing to try tuppersex?

There are few things more enjoyable and funny as sex, that is a whole truth, and when we decide to look for alternatives to make it even hotter, we find out that there are tons of options out there that may be confusing, we wish to have a personal session in which we could sit down and check out all the products that may interest us, watch, touch, get to know deeply about every toy and device we find in the market… And of course, if we can be in company of our best friends living a whole new sexy experience, it surely becomes the best time ever!

This is where we find an excellent alternative to know and discover all the options for our pleasure in the market, we are talking about the Tuppersex... a session with a specialist that usually owns a sex shop, online or stablished and that brings a meeting with about 10 people with products and accessories created for our deepest pleasure, wether we want to enjoy it by our own or with our couple… The sky is the limit, and the pleasure is the main goal!!.

Do we need an special occasion to go for a Tuppersex session?

Definitely not! Even though this kind of meetings are getting common in Bridal Showers or even Bachelorette’s parties, it is not necessary to have an special celebration to organise a reunion of close friends and explore new satisfaction tools or find what it takes to make true that secret fantasy… It is an alluring shopping and it totally worth it!.




It is necessary to make a tuppersex session with my friends?

Well, we highly recommend you to make it as comfortable as possible, that is why we suggest to make it with some close friends, in order to feel free enough to ask anything you want to and choose exactly what you were looking for without feeling ashamed about nothing… This will be an experience that will make you closer and in which all of you will learn a lot about pleasure, sex, libido and secret desires… Then, you can share all you learned and bought with someone else in a more intimate scenario…




What will I find in a Tuppersex Session?

Usually you’ll see everything you could find at a sex shop… From the newest toys that will give you the biggest pleasure ever, to  all the hot costumes you could need for a crazy, magic night; the ultimate products like lotions and massage oils for a passion night or the hottest movies… It’s the perfect opportunity to buy without boundaries!




So, dare to live this experience and open your mind to new sensations, to become more kinky, playful and sexy… Like the essence of Temptation Resort Spa